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ETM-Rail (3Gen)

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  • The most accurate & easy to use tile cutter
  • Two piece rail cutter -  quick connect - 12' when two sections are joined 
  • Easy to transport and assemble
  • No need to mark tile


How to use: Before use of the ETM-RAIL CUTTER, thoroughly clean the surface of the slab. The built in tape measures eliminate the need for marking.  Hook both tape measures to the edge of slab and align the ETM-RAIL CUTTER to match the desired measurement. Secure ETM RAIL CUTTER to slab with the three suction cups provided, release both tape measures. To score the slab surface place the scoring wheel on top of the slab, ½” from the edge of the slab. Press cutter head down and pull back to the edge of the slab. Proceed forward with consistent pressure and speed to the end of the slab. The right amount of pressure is determined by the surface finish of the slab.  Do not interrupt or restart. Before detaching the tile cutter, use it as a handle to move the slab, so the score lines up with the edge of the work table. At this point the ETM-SNAP is required to snap the slab at the score line. The SIGMA SEPARATOR is also available.  Line up the ETM-SNAP with the score line. Position the knob under the slab. Turn the knob until you hear a “pop” sound. Then remove the ETM-SNAP. Repeat the same steps on the other end of the slab. To successfully snap the cut piece, both crew members need to apply equal downward pressure at the same time. 

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